End-to-End Quality Management

In Better Quality, we have formulated a proper End-to-End Quality Management strategy that encompasses crucial business processes to function as expected with integrated data and systems

Organize Projects

Easily create and organize multiple projects, and assign users to multiple roles as per their responsibilities. For easy access, we have the option to select multiple projects as favorites and work in parallel.

Release Management

Customize and set up multiple release cycles and sprints as per business priority. The project release timeline view gives full visibility into the deployment.

Test Planning Module

Author, run, and track test cases in one central location.

Each Test Case can be assigned to an individual or a team of testers.

Test Cases and Test Data can be easily imported into the application or exported.

Test cases and Test steps are stored in the repository Test Plan.

This repository has an intuitive tree structure comprising files and folders.

Our platform provides a unique capability to choose either the Detailed, High-Level or Hybrid Test Case Structures.

Test Case Structures

Detailed Structure

Create detailed Test Steps along with expected results in the application.

High Level Structure

Create multiple Test Processes under Swim lanes

Detailed Structure

Hybrid Structure is a blend of Detailed and High Level Structure.

Test Execution Module

Execution progress can easily be planned by creating multiple execution suites. The test scope can be customized in each execution suite as per project priorities. Test cases can be assigned to individuals or groups. Real-time access to execution summary, execution by the run, and test plan progress reports are available to project assignees. Regulatory compliance is achieved using e-Signature in this module.

Defect Management
Our platform has in-built defects management feature. Defects found during test case execution are added in this module. Defect Traceability provides a cross-reference between defect and associated test case. This saves time and helps in tracking and resolution.
This module provides a comprehensive set of reports and the customized dashboard gives a quick overview of the most important statistics. Individual reports can be customized to view test case statuses and defects by severity and release timelines.
Business Process Model Bank

Our platform has in-built business process models for multiple cross-functional systems of an Enterprise application. Base and organizational process models are available in the Business Process Model Bank.