Why BetterQuality is


We help organizations to streamline and validate business processes, automate end-to-end testing with no coding and leverage power of AI to analyze data and predict software failures and mitigate risks proactively.

Better Quality platform empowers business analysts, process QA experts to build process workflows.

The workflows can be instantly converted to manual tests

Same tests can be converted to automated tests with no-coding RPA based approach

End-to-end quality management with
AI-powered prediction

Faster delivery with Robotic Process Automation

Regulatory compliance with

Better Quality platform highlights

  • Cloud-based single centralized quality platform for both Manual and Automated testing
  • Business process workflows and role-based testing to mimic operational workflows across integrated systems
  • Codeless automated test cases
  • Integration with DevOps and CI/CD tools
  • Compliance with e-Signature from stakeholders for Go-Live
  • AI/ML powered, Cloud- enabled Test Automation and Predictive Quality
  • In-built out-of-the-box business process models for packaged applications such as IBM Maximo, Oracle ERP, SAP, Workday, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics ERP/CRM etc. Convert these process models instantly to manual and automated testcases
  •  Scriptless automated test case enables functional and non-technical users to use the platform seamlessly
  • Increases cross-functional team collaboration and boosts productivity
  • Significant reduction in the automation implementation effort

Key Features

Powerful and easy-to-use Quality platform to streamline the testing process

  • Cloud-based centralized quality platform. Track, run and manage all testing efforts. Manual and automation testing in one platform

  • End-to-End Traceability. End-to-end traceability from requirements to test cases to defects

  • Intelligent automation. The platform has in-built Robotic Process Automation

  • Business Process Testing. Business process model workflow testing enables one to visualize if the requirements are implemented correctly
  • Business process models. Pre-Built out-of-box process models for packaged applications e.g. IBM Maximo, SAP are available on the platform
  • Built-in quality dashboards and metrics. A complete view of the project life cycle for informed business decisions

Why Better Quality?

Powerful and easy-to-use Quality platform to streamline the testing process

  • Capability for business process-based testing – manual & automated in the same platform. High-level process workflows are generated for manual and automated test scripts giving absolute process clarity to all stakeholders
  • DevOps Ready. Continuous Testing is in-built with our Max-BOT solution (Automated BOT)
  • Out-of-box business process models for IBM Maximo are available. More process models for SAP, Oracle ERP, Workday, and SageX3 are coming. Process models can be converted into manual and automated test scripts.
  • One uniform Quality platform with AI-powered Predictive Quality + E-Signature for Compliance
Intelligent Robotic Process Automation with in-built business process workflows
  • Business process workflows and role-based test automation to mimic operational workflows across multiple systems. Improves clarity among business and technology stakeholders
  • Convert manual to automation and vice versa. One platform for all testing needs including API test automation
  • Scriptless automation allows manual testers and business analysts to develop automated test cases
Efficient cross-functional teams collaboration
  • Multiple testers can be assigned to the same test case for workflow or end-to-end test cases
  • Customizable E-Signature allows different stakeholders to sign off on all test execution results to meet the internal or external compliance requirements
  • Manage the complete testing lifecycle efficiently with customizable roles and project settings

Experience Better Quality!

Better Quality is an integrated Quality platform on the cloud with manual test planning, design process workflow based tests, execute, analytics, and no-code RPA based automation of business processes.